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Why ProneRest



No longer do you need to be uncomfortable while in a lounge chair. The average time individuals spend lying prone in a lounge chair is less than 10 minutes. Turning your head to the side while tanning can cause pain. Arching your back to read  a book, tablet, or phone causes neck and back discomfort. 

At a beach resort while on vacation, with your children at the neighborhood pool, or just relaxing in your backyard, ProneRest will enhance your relaxation.

The patent pending headrest is designed to accommodate reading glasses or sunglasses. 

Because the headrest does not push on your sinus cavity air flow is not restricted. 

The ProneRest elbows move with light pressure to the vertex button, allowing for individual comfort of the neck and spine. 

ProneRest is adjustable to the height and design of most lounge chairs.

For your convenience a FREE bag comes with your folding ProneRest.

ProneRest is manufactured in the USA!